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We provide solutions that are customized to each client’s project specifications, timeline, and budget.

Knowledge of Codes and Standards
Our team members are able to provide expert building and fire code analysis to recommend the most effective design solutions.  We work throughout the country and understand the national codes as well as the local amendments, which will ensure a successful project.
Code Variances and Equivalencies
When appropriate for projects, we develop and obtain approval for code equivalencies, variances, or alternate means and methods in order to formulate project solutions.

Specialized System Design

Howe Engineers provides comprehensive fire protection engineering solutions including those required for:

  • Fire Protection—Project managers develop a fire protection plan that anticipates and meets facility safety objectives as well as local fire and building safety codes.
  • Fire Alarm—Our engineers provide efficient fire alarm design with forward thinking that meets facility objectives as well as all required codes.
  • Smoke Control—Our engineers conduct advanced analysis through computer modeling to predict smoke production and movement within a building.
  • Special Hazards—Particular consideration is given to system design in light of any unique project site features such as hazardous materials, sensitive equipment, or location contents.
  • Means of Egress—Through analysis of computer models, we develop designs for safe and efficient structure exit.

Using technologically advanced methods, our firm provides comprehensive fire modeling and timed egress analysis.  These applications have successfully been used in spaces with atria for more efficient smoke control systems, large scale assembly buildings for reduced egress width and to justify egress performance, for various structures to reduce or eliminate fireproofing and a host of other applications.  The goal of using modeling is often a better more efficient design,  more architectural freedom, and cost savings that justify such services.

Life Safety Evaluations and Crowd Training

As the protection and safety facility occupants is a primary consideration for any project, Howe Engineers will work with clients to plan and implement an effective safety protocol that is tailored to the design and use of each site.

Accessibility (A.D.A./Disability) Compliance Consultation
Howe Engineers will assist with fire-related A.D.A. compliance for existing and new structures.  Additionally, we will review and evaluate existing conditions to identify and implement appropriate solutions.

Construction Administration
Howe Engineers acts as a fire protection design and construction administrator to work with third parties, manage bid processes, supervise testing, and oversee installation.

Smoke Control Inspections
In addition to designing smoke control systems, we provide the special inspections to ensure these systems are installed correctly as required by the code.  See our project experience for a list of Smoke Control Special Inspection projects.

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