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Individualized Project Management
Howe Engineers is committed to providing individualized client solutions that address project needs and adhere to local building and fire code regulations. Our project managers personally review, plan, and develop a project specific management plan for each project to ensure a personalized experience from concept to completion.  Further, our continual engagement with advances and developments within the broader engineering industry guarantee that we will provide the most technologically up-to-date client solutions.

Expert Project Management
As an independent quality assurance measure, Howe Engineers requires that its Project Managers and Principals obtain Masters Degrees. Currently, our firm is the only fire protection engineering firm in the United States with this requirement.   Additionally, all Project Managers and Principals must maintain professional licensure, which only approximately 2,000 individuals have obtained worldwide.  These standards and our project portfolio are testament to our experience and professionalism.

Accessible and Mobile Project Management
Boston-based Howe Engineers has a global reach.  With over 100+ years of combined experience, our engineers have worked on a multitude of diverse projects on nearly every continent–including local sporting arenas such as Boston’s iconic Fenway Park and TD Bank Garden—to large assembly projects in China, Dubai, and Western Europe.

Efficient Project Management
Projects large and small are given the same level of attention at Howe Engineers.  Our firm provides simple and sound solutions that are completed on time and on budget–yet exceed client expectations.

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